[Asterisk-Dev] Call under way in MGCP

Fabio Margarido fabiomargarido at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 11:51:29 MST 2005

Hey there everyone...
I'd like to know if there's a variable in chan_mgcp.c that tells me if
there's a call under way in a certain subchannel, i. e., if the call
has been ansered and both endpoints are connected. What I'm trying to
do is hack chan_mgcp.c so that is sends R:
L/hu(N),L/hf(N),D/[0-9#*](N) when the call has not yet been
established and R: L/hu(N) when conversation has started, cause I
don't want to detect any DTMF digits. I was thinking if I added an if
in transmit_notify_request I should do the trick. If there's any other
way to do this please let me know too.


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