[Asterisk-Dev] moh issues

Tilghman Lesher tilghman at mail.jeffandtilghman.com
Sat Jun 11 08:36:30 MST 2005

On Saturday 11 June 2005 07:33, Luigi Rizzo wrote:
> i tried to enable music-on-hold (res_musiconhold.c) on my system
> (asterisk-current with FreeBSD 4.11 and the modified chan_oss.c
> that is on mantis) but i am having problems which i am not clear
> how to debug.
> I suspect something in the thread scheduling, but it might well
> be some kind of deadlock caused by the activation of moh.
> the bottom line is that i'd like to know whether i am trying to
> use something that is known broken, or whether moh does actually
> work, in which case i'd like to know on what platform.

I can help you with the bottom line, in that MOH does, indeed, work on
Linux/i386.  However, I can't help you with the debugging part.

> --- Detailed problem description: ---


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