[Asterisk-Dev] chan_unicall, dtmf bug in * 1.0.x - 99.9% CPU

Andres Maduro andres at iconos.com.ve
Thu Jun 9 21:11:39 MST 2005

I have recently found a bug when using Steve Underwood chan_unicall with
Asterisk 1.0.x (including 1.0.8RC)
When you place a call from a SIP phone with dtmfmode=rfc2833 or
dtmfmode=inband through MFCR2 via chan_unicall all goes well until you press
a dtmf key.  When you do this, the other end hears a garbage sound (not the
dtmf tone) and cpu goes to 99.9% rendering almost unusable the PBX.  If
there are more than 2 calls, audio start to get choppy, more calls renders
unusable the pbx.
If you hangup the calling extension, almost all the time it returns to
normality, if there is a moderate load on the * server, the only way of
shutting down * is by killing -9 it.
I have been working this with Steve and have reported this finding today.
If you have any suggestion in which things could be tweaked in chan_sip.c,
chan_zap.c or chan_unicall.c in order to see if this bug could be solved, I
will be happy to test it.
Any additional info you may require please let me know.
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