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Dov Bigio dovb at terra.com.br
Wed Jun 8 20:51:05 MST 2005


I am not sure if this is the right place to post those... is there somewhere users could post their wish lists?

Here are some issues that I found as a heavy user of some of Asterisk functionalities...

- When an agent is a member of queue, but is busy with an outgoing call, or with a call that is not originated from the queue application, he is not considered busy by the Queue application and keeps on receiving calls. Is it possible that is configurable per queue or per agent?

- I have a VoIP provider here in Brazil (GVT) that only allows G729, so I bough some licences from Digium. If I use "rfc2833" as dtmf mode, it doesn't work... I found out that "inband" works well. The problem is that, although it works, everytime that I send DTMF digits Asterisk logs a warning (but not a single message... the same message lots of times!) stating that "g729 doesn't support inband dtmf"...

- I have configured sounds in portuguese and defined language=pt in my sip.conf and zapata.conf. Despite that, when a member of a queue needs to park a user, he hears the parking extension in English. When he presses the pound key to transfer (or park) the user, the message pbx-transfer is also played in English... I had to overwrite the default sound files so that my agents could here messages in portuguese... I think the language configuration is being missed somewhere..

Thank you and sorry for posting this list here!

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