[Asterisk-Dev] rtp.c

Steve Clark sclark at netwolves.com
Wed Jun 8 08:18:53 MST 2005

Hello list,

I been looking at rtp.c - ast_rtp_read and am having trouble with a couple of 
things. Maybe someone
could enlighten me.

1. I don't see any provision for handling the CSRC list.

2. what does this do:

It looks like it is trying to account for dropped frames but from what I see it 
does not do
anything bc the code following it writes into these same fields.

	if (rtp->rxseqno) {
		for (x=rtp->rxseqno + 1; x < seqno; x++) {
			/* Queue empty frames */
			rtp->f.mallocd = 0;
			rtp->f.datalen = 0;
			rtp->f.data = NULL;
			rtp->f.offset = 0;
			rtp->f.samples = 0;
			rtp->f.src = "RTPMissedFrame";

Thanks for your indulgence,

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