[Asterisk-Dev] Manager documentation / examples for detecting calls

Paul J. Smith pjsmith at mtgsy.net
Wed Jun 8 03:07:55 MST 2005


I'm trying to write a small app that can detect when a particular
extension gets/makes a call, and when that call terminates.

I couldn't find any docs for the manager API other than listings of some
of the events etc.  I've got as far as making the connection, reading
the events etc.  

What I'd like to know, is, to detect a call to, say, 'SIP/Paul', which
event(s) would I look for  (currently trying to detect 'dial'), and
which event say the call is terminated.  i.e. which event(s) I should be
using to detect the start of a call and detect the end of that call.  

I currently look at the dial event, track the uid, but dial does not
always seem to provide the info I need, and it often occurs several

Rather than stumble through guessing what events I should probably be
reading and wasting time, can someone possibly point me in the right
direction or provide an example or the recommended events?

Many thanks,

Paul Smith

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