[Asterisk-Dev] Q.956 Advice of Charge (AOC) - basic implementation now in CVS

Frank Sautter asterisk at sautter.com
Tue Jun 7 07:35:49 MST 2005

hello klaus,

Klaus Darilion wrote:
> Are there any news on Advice of Charge inegration into asterisk?
no, apparently there is nobody with enough asterisk-dev skill and the 
need for AOC :-/
at the moment the bridge is destroyed to early and the channels are hung 
up to early. the hangup and destruction of the bridge should not be done 
before all hangup messages are processed.

maybe this is the time for setting up a bounty on that.
are there any other fellows?a

> I understand the problem of relaying the AOC at the end of the call in a 
> bridged scenario.

 > But is it possible to relay AOC-D messages during the call?
this should be possible.
although there is currently no code for decoding or encoding of AOC-D 
messages (mainly because i do not have AOC-D on our E1-PRI).
as you are asking for that... are you getting AOC-D IEs dumped to the 
asterisk console when increasing verbosity and if so could you send them 
to me so i can write a decoder and encoder for them?

interestingly newer snom firmware is also featuring AOC for the snom SIP 
phones :-)

> Frank Sautter wrote:
>> my patches for basic support of Advice of Charge Q.956 (AOC) are now 
>> in the cvs version of asterisk 
>> http://bugs.digium.com/bug_view_page.php?bug_id=0003843 .
>> The ROSE messages are decoded and encoded in libpri and delivered to 
>> chan_zap which is displaying the charged units as debug message.
>> At the moment the behaviour of a bridged channel does not allow to 
>> forward these AOC messages to another channel. The problem is, that 
>> the bridge is destroyed very early and there is no possibility to send 
>> the AOC messages to a connected PBX or to the CDR when they are 
>> received from the telco .
>> now, as the lowlevel part is done, maybe there are some decent 
>> developers with more insight into the channel bridging than me who can 
>> change the behaviour of a bridge when a call is hungup.


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