[Asterisk-Dev] [Announce] Asterisk::LDAP initial release

Ben Klang ben at alkaloid.net
Mon Jun 6 13:46:40 MST 2005

On Mon, 2005-06-06 at 13:11 -0700, Max W Blackmer Jr wrote:
> Have you considered replication and clustering with failover?
> and a local fallback cache of configs. All three of these will overcome
> problems. 
> Not to mention The Asterisk box could fail too.
I want to take this opportunity to point out something that may be
obvious:  The Asterisk::LDAP module will answer to most of the concerns
about Real Time I have read in reply to my original posting.
Asterisk::LDAP is designed to create a set of static configuration files
on a regular interval and intelligently reload Asterisk when changes
occur and only IF no errors or warnings were issued.  Until someone
extends Real Time to address these concerns I would suggest looking at
this module to see if it can help you out.

Incidentally, there's no reason the Asterisk::LDAP code couldn't be
extended to support various flavors of SQL (of course the module name
would have to change).  I needed LDAP support so that's what I wrote.  I
would enjoy hearing any suggestions the community might have on
extending this module.


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