[Asterisk-Dev] CDRs - Revisited

Matthew Boehm mboehm at cytelcom.com
Mon Jun 6 09:25:38 MST 2005

I recently patched our system to do the following to CDRs:

    - Add 'fdst' column. 'F'inal 'Dest'ination of call.
    - Modify 'dst' column to never change once set.

Our biggest problem is that we use src and dst to do all our billing and we
can't bill a call that has "s" as the destination. In fact, I stoped using
's' about 6 months ago and I use "_X." everywhere that I used to use "s". I
know that is bad but, currently, that is the only workaround.

But I still needed to know which extension was rang in the end as we give
web access to all CDR information on a per-station basis.

I have lots of Goto's and they kept changing my dst. So now I have CDRs that
look like this:

src          dst         fdst
2815551212   8322008640  3044        <-- used a Goto in the dialplan to
reach me
2815551212   8322008630  8322008630  <-- dialed my DID.

If anyone is interested, its a small patch, I'll mantis it. If this could be
the start of something better, please pass along your ideas and suggestions.


Matthew Boehm, IT Director                    Cypress Telecommunications
mboehm at cytelcom.com                   3838 N. Sam Houston Parkway E #400
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