[Asterisk-Dev] build failure of cvs head cvsup'd ~1200 UTC 06-06-05

Steve Kann stevek at stevek.com
Mon Jun 6 06:38:50 MST 2005

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:

> Jerris, Michael MI wrote:
>> Is it time to set up a little compile farm for testing at least compile
>> success on commits?  This has bit us several times and has been an issue
>> with things from different shell versions, make versions, gcc versions,
>> ect.  How hard would it be to run everything through an automated
>> compile test before commit?
> Actually, that's on the agenda to be discussed this week at Digium. I 
> want a 'build farm' to test commits, on various different operating 
> systems and CPU architectures, before the commits go into the public 
> tree. Even the best of us will make mistakes like this, and I can't 
> predict when something will fail to build on FreeBSD or Darwin, so I 
> think it's important that we get this set up to try to ensure that CVS 
> commits are as well-tested as possible.

Check out "tinderbox" from Mozilla..

The mozilla tinderboxen sit in a loop, checking out CVS, compiling, and 
doing some basic tests, over and over..


It doesn't test patches before they get into CVS, but it gives you 
feedback shortly after you commit, and then keeps track of who is "on 
the hook" -- i.e. whose commit broke the build, and what that commit was..


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