[Asterisk-Dev] Makefile changes in CVS HEAD

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at digium.com
Sun Jun 5 21:07:11 MST 2005

I just committed bug 4116 to CVS HEAD, which makes some build process 

The most visible change for any out-of-tree modules is that the 
preprocessor macros containing the various Asterisk directory paths have 
been removed; the only way for a module to determine the location of any 
of these directories now is to use the ast_config_* global variables, 
which reflect the run-time settings the system admin has chosen.

Part of this change also replaced the 'astconf.h' header file with 
'asterisk.h', and also changed the Asterisk version string for CVS 
builds to reflect the build date/time, instead of the checkout date/time.

I won't be surprised if these changes break some people's builds, but we 
wouldn't know without trying; if you run into trouble please report it 
here and I'll get it fixed. Thanks!

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