[Asterisk-Dev] GR303

Rich Adamson radamson at routers.com
Sun Jun 5 06:45:55 MST 2005

>  > GR-303 is a concentration protocol, used to service subscribers over a
> > link similar to a PRI.
> I have IDLC's deployed in central offices that use GR-303 to talk to the 
> Telica.
> So Asterisk can do that instead?  That could be fun to play with.
> > The equipment we use at the trade shows has a T-1 link on the GR-303 side, 
> > and multiple T-1 links on the "traditional" side. Those T-1s are then 
> > connected to standard FXS channel banks, with analog phones connected to 
> > them.
> So you're connecting Asterisk to a GR-303 concentrator?  Sounds like it 
> would play
> nice with my IDLCs then.
> >
> > That's the extent of my knowledge... I haven't actually seen GR-303 get 
> > configured anywhere, I think Mark and Matt Fredericksen are the only ones 
> > who have worked on it very much.
> Any chance they will share those config files with me?  I'll play around 
> with it and
> if any coding needs to be done I can get my guys working on it.

Seems there have been several that have had an interest in using gr303
to interface * to central offices. Would it be appropriate to open a
bug (feature request) to track its implementation/testing/limitations?

The business driver (for me) is the Seimens central office includes gr303,
but if we have to move to a PRI interface, Seimens wants an additional
$7,000 license fee. The CO has no other needs for PRI support. Since 
this is a small/rural low-call-volume CO switch, deploying asterisk 
voip becomes very costly if a PRI is required.

Our initial "test" * system will be installed in the next 30-60 days, 
and we can make it available for others to access to assist in programing
and testing. We do not have access to a T1 sniffer, but do have full
access to the CO switch console, etc. This particular CO switch is
currently using gr303 to interface to other remote concentrators, so we
know its stable and usable from a CO implementation perspective.

If asterisk had good gr303 support, there would be far more interest in
asterisk by the smaller telco's throughout the US as asterisk would
become another choice in their softswitch selection process. In some
cases, asterisk could replace small central office switches.



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