[Asterisk-Dev] GR303

Matthew Simpson matthew at txlink.net
Sat Jun 4 21:06:10 MST 2005

 > GR-303 is a concentration protocol, used to service subscribers over a
> link similar to a PRI.

I have IDLC's deployed in central offices that use GR-303 to talk to the 
So Asterisk can do that instead?  That could be fun to play with.

> The equipment we use at the trade shows has a T-1 link on the GR-303 side, 
> and multiple T-1 links on the "traditional" side. Those T-1s are then 
> connected to standard FXS channel banks, with analog phones connected to 
> them.

So you're connecting Asterisk to a GR-303 concentrator?  Sounds like it 
would play
nice with my IDLCs then.

> That's the extent of my knowledge... I haven't actually seen GR-303 get 
> configured anywhere, I think Mark and Matt Fredericksen are the only ones 
> who have worked on it very much.

Any chance they will share those config files with me?  I'll play around 
with it and
if any coding needs to be done I can get my guys working on it.


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