[Asterisk-Dev] PRI - CallingPres - Various Issues

Guillermo Winkler gwinkler at inconcertcc.com
Sat Jun 4 13:34:59 MST 2005

    I'm having a few issues with calling presentation parameter, wanted to 
share with you maybe I'm missing something.

According to ISDN PRI specification 
http://bell.cdn-telco.com/nis/NISA211_V8-01_NI-1.pdf (Page 210, points 4.5.7 
4.5.8 4.5.9) There is no specified restriction between Octet3a(presentation) 
and Octec4..n(number)

We're having an operator who requires sending an empty callerid "" and 

But for what I've seen ast_isphonenumber will fail (checks for 
ast_strlen_zero(n) ) and PRES_NUMBER_NOT_AVAILABLE will be sent.

if (!ast_isphonenumber(l))
     l = NULL;

pri_sr_set_caller(sr, l, n, p->pri->localdialplan - 1,
     l ? (ast->restrictcid ? PRES_PROHIB_USER_NUMBER_PASSED_SCREEN :
      (p->use_callingpres ? ast->callingpres : 

Shouldn't it be possible to send any pair of values callerid/callingpres 
acoording to PRI documentation? (including an empty callerid with a 
callingpres value different from "not available") ?

Setting calling presentation values for calls initiated externally (for 
example placing a .call file in /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing).

There is no way to preset this value (since ast_request_and_dial() logically 
does not receive this parameter) and there is no way to set this value in 
.conf files. Shouldn't it be added in a per-channel basis a configuration 
value for this parameter to zapata.conf?

The same issue happens if you have 2 E1's from different providers , both 
requiring different callingpres values.
You have only one group ZAP/G1 (don't mind which span the call is made on)

in this case you have no way to tell which callingpres to set, cause you 
don't know which span's going to be used
SetCallingPres(32) ????

Am I missing something? or is it worth considering those changes? (calling 
pres to .conf and allowing callingpres with empty callerids) ?

Best Regards 

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