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Brian Jones bjones at kancharla.com
Fri Jun 3 11:01:51 MST 2005

>     I know you can't. I didn't say that's what I wanted. In 
> the PSTN world,
> when someone dials 911, a database gets dipped with the 
> person's ANI and the
> address of that ANI is retreived. That packet of info is then 
> forwarded on
> to the PSAP for that ANI and the address pops up on the 
> computer screens at
> the PSAP. I'm looking for a carrier (in fact, we all are if 
> we want to be
> E911 compliant) that can do that, but do it via an incomming 
> SIP call rather
> than PSTN call.
>     Basically need a carrier that can recieve a 911 SIP call, 
> do a lookup in
> the database and send that info to PSAP. I've been told that 
> Broadwing can
> do this but I'd like more choices.
> -Matthew

My company does this.  Contact me off-list for more info if you like.


Brian F. Jones
bjones at kancharla.com
888.357.0500 x 5012

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