[Asterisk-Dev] T.38 pass-through / T.38 support

Matthew Boehm mboehm at cytelcom.com
Fri Jun 3 09:32:19 MST 2005

Steve Underwood wrote:
> Matthew Boehm wrote:
>> These are the messages we get in asterisk anytime anyone faxes with
>> our ATAs:
>> Jun  3 10:20:05 WARNING[14277]: chan_sip.c:3063 process_sdp: Unknown
>> SDP media type in offer: image 49170 udptl t38
>> The faxes go thru fine, it would just be nice to have t38 as a
>> recognized SDP media type.
> They aren't going through at T.38, though.

When you trace them on our 5300 they show up as T38. And our carrier also
recognizes it as T38.

If they aren't going out as T38 then what are they going out as?


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