[Asterisk-Dev] Outcalling/Non-PRI Caller ID

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Thu Jun 2 09:09:30 MST 2005

This is my first posting to the list, please be gentle.

Two issues:
I have a T1 line coming from Telcove. They claim it to be a Digital/POTS
line, which to my best understanding is a contradictory statement. They are
sending the callerID signal over the line but the Digium card doesn't seem
to be able to decode it. When they tested the line the used a small splitter
box that broke each line out to a POTS line and were able to receive
callerID. Is anyone aware if this functionality could be achieved using the
Digium TE110P card?

This same client is looking for outcalling from voicemail. On their old PBX
after a voicemail was recorded the system would call a user defined phone
number, when they pickup the PBX would put them in their mailbox and they
could listen to the message. Is this built-in to the voicemail system? Could
this be accomplished through AGI? 

Thank in advance,

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