[Asterisk-Dev] Patent lawyers?

Shaun Dwyer shaund at wadata.com.au
Wed Jun 1 21:42:56 MST 2005

See Management people do prison time? How about the moronic employees of 
the US Patent Office get fired for doing a crappy job, and the manager of
the USPO get jail time for allowing this shit to go on for so long.

Seems that the USPO are happy to rubber stamp just about anything these 
days. No wonder they are considered a joke, not only in the US, but in 
the rest of the
world too.

How about a patent for the results of 
http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=patent ?


Paul wrote:

> Whatever books and seminars he is into lately seem to emphasize that 
> in order to get serious venture capital. That sort of reinforces my 
> belief that management is ordering engineering people to patent 
> everything they can. It would be so funny to see those management 
> people do some prison time.

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