[Asterisk-Dev] 1.0.8 Release Candidate

Russell Bryant russelb at clemson.edu
Wed Jun 1 15:19:27 MST 2005

Hello everyone!

It has been a while since the 1.0.7 release, and I have fixed a lot of 
stuff since then.  I think it's about time to make another release.

I realize that there are still some outstanding issues, but it's nearly 
impossible to bring that down to zero.  However, I'm open to discussion 
on anything that someone may feel is a "show-stopper".

I am on IRC as "drumkilla" and also available by email if anyone has any 
questions or comments.

Please test and report any issues on the Asterisk issue tracker, even if 
it is just a note saying that you have no problems at all!  I will 
release 1.0.8 once I have had enough reports of people successfully 
running the latest code from the v1-0 branch of CVS.


Russell Bryant

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