[asterisk-dev]About the application Launcher

Deborah MALKA Deborah.Malka at alcatel.fr
Wed Jun 1 00:51:29 MST 2005

Hello all,

I have read the code, and I'm trying to rely what I have understood to
the asterisk architecture described in the asterisk architecture
(http://www.asterisk.org/index.php?menu=architecture ).

1. Does anyone can tell me what files or what source code does
correspond to the Application Launcher ? Is it the pbx_exec function in
pbx.c ?

2. what is called asterisk API's (channel, application, ...), is it the
generic data structures defined for each type of module with some
functions to implement ? Is there a file for each API ? 

Thank you for advance for answering me !

Deborah Malka

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