[Asterisk-Dev] Route Calls Based on Caller ID

Matthew Simpson matthew at txlink.net
Tue Aug 2 12:25:05 MST 2005

I do something similar using the MYSQL dialplan plugin.

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Subject: [Asterisk-Dev] Route Calls Based on Caller ID

> Is there a good way to route calls based on CallerID, in an easily 
> updatable format?
> Eg, maybe a mySQL database where you have two fields, "pattern" and 
> "extension". If the incoming call meets the pattern, then it is 
> automatically sent to the given extension.
> I'd like to use this to be able to, for example, route all incoming calls 
> from 336 to the NC rep group, 860 to the CT reg group. I'd also like to be 
> able to route a call from one of our big buyers, directly to a specific 
> rep.
> Ideally it would be great to have this in some sort of mySQL database that 
> could be updated whenever, and the effects take place immediately, and a 
> web interface could be built for.
> Are there any add-ons that do this, or something similiar I could modify? 
> Thanks!
> Doug Logan
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