[Asterisk-Dev] IAXy Codecs

Alex Volkov avolkov at bpvn.com
Mon Mar 1 20:47:51 MST 2004

We just got out IAXy device. Upon provisioning and connecting it to * we
found out that it reports it only has ULAW so far. Now perhaps I am missing
something really important, or I am not aware of an available firmware
update (yeah, that must be it), but here is a snip from * console --
requested/capability 0x4/0x4 -- which is ULAW.
I even tried patching the iaxyprov tool to include the PROV_IE_FORMAT --
which apparently does a whole lot of nothing for now ;-).


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> On Mon, 2004-03-01 at 18:15, Eric Wieling wrote:
> > What codecs does the IAXy support?  I was told at one time it would be
> > ULAW, ALAW, and G726.  Now someone tells me it may be ULAW, ALAW, and
> > ADPCM.
> Please place a soft object on your forehead for the next couple of
> minutes, it will save you a bad headache.
> Put G726 in to google. For me, the second link is titled G726(ADPCM)
> because G726 is ADPCM.
> Now beware of that palm flying up to meet your forehead.
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