[Asterisk-Dev] Is anyone thinking anymore?

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Thu Jul 29 12:57:43 MST 2004

The word is cracked not hacked. Or so I'm told.

On 26 Jul 2004 at 10:56, Steve Szmidt wrote:

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> OpenBSD is continously audited for these kinds of "bugs" and as a result has 
> not had more than ONE remote access hole in SEVEN years.
> When a known security expert had met with top people from Microsoft to address 
> their security problems, he said: They were really really bright people, but 
> they were clueless about security!
> > There is no protection against someone messing up this or any other
> > code, in fact with these changes you are giving an inexperienced coder
> > even more chances to make errors.   The introduction of additional
> You can never protect yourself against bad programmers. But there are known 
> ways to protect yourself against being hacked!
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> neither liberty nor safety."
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