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Thu Jul 29 12:50:41 MST 2004

I'm not a troll. I'm trying to help. The reason I had to stop was I 
had to be out of my house for safety reasons due to a freon-30 
leaking fridge, or so I was told.

If I am misunderstanding things then so be it, but I honestly am 
trying to help the community by getting rid of any possible 
copyright/licensing conflicts and allot of alarms are going off in my 
head because of the current implementation and my prior experience in 
these matters; I do not want the community to get the short end of 
the stick like I did.

If You really want to prove your good intentions then free the 
copyright to asterisk and put it under the public domain. The code 
will stay gpl and threads like this will have no reason to exist.

On 25 Jul 2004 at 23:48, Mark Spencer wrote:

> > why hasn't anyone brought up the SCO factor?  by having everyone 
> > disclaim (meaning they once *claimed*) rights to the additions, it frees 
> > digium from being sued.  where as the submitter, having lied about 
> > owning/creating/submitting would be a wonderful target.
> The SCO factor is a side effect of the initial planning -- it was not one 
> of my initial motivators, although it did come up before the SCO case 
> (when in discussions with one of our attorneys who was trying to 
> understand Open Source software).
> This is the last comment I plan to make on this topic, having clearly made 
> a mistake by thinking that dking was actually simply misunderstanding the 
> disclaimers and not just trolling.  I have read many of the insightful 
> (and not so insightful) responses on this thread and am actually very 
> impressed with the general understanding of both our purpose in the 
> disclaimers and in understanding how the GPL guarantees their rights -- 
> disclaimers or not.
> As it turns out, we are not as innovative in this dual licensing strategy 
> as one might think.  MySQL clearly has taken the lead here and has done an 
> amazing job of building a business which revolves around both the support 
> and licensing models in an industry which contains a great deal of both 
> closed and Open Source code.  MySQL has clearly built a successful 
> business and has found way to make money while producing Open Source code, 
> and to a great degree they serve as a good example for Digium as a 
> company. Notably, even their "commercial" MySQL version is not feature 
> differentiated from the Open Source one -- it's just a closed source 
> version of the same product, for a closed source market.
> I hope this helps people understand where we're coming from, and again, I 
> hope that we will always be able to continue to do the "right thing" and 
> keep people supporting the work we do.
> Mark
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