[Asterisk-Dev] voicemail message number limits

dking at pimpsoft.com dking at pimpsoft.com
Thu Jul 29 12:01:31 MST 2004

On 25 Jul 2004 at 11:29, Peter Svensson wrote:

> On Sat, 24 Jul 2004 dking at pimpsoft.com wrote:
> > Under the same thought signing away your rights to the work lets 
> > digum to take asterisk out of gpl at will, perhaps after the open 
> > source community has made it a viable and over all profitable 
> > software platform?
> To a very large extent it _is_ Digium that develops Asterisk.
> > I think the licensing is just a ruse to steal the software in a legal 
> > way at some future date while allowing them to keep a public domain 
> > source branch they can do as they please with, IMHO.
> So what if they offer non-gpl:ed versions that allow proprietary 
> extensions to be made?

Thats illegal. So what is most people don't mind, its still against 
the law and as a company they they must be held liable.

>As long as Digium offers their version as gpl as 
> well we are not that bad off, the rest of us will only miss some 
> extensions made by those vendors. If Digium stops providing a gpl:ed 
> version at all the last gpl:Ed version can be forked and the community can 
> still work from that point on.

As I said that is only possible if they (digum) do not limit access 
to the source before they do so; hence why unbiased mirrors of the 
cvs and the releases need to be mirrored beyond digiums control as 

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