[Asterisk-Dev] IRC Etiquette

Mark Spencer markster at digium.com
Mon Jul 26 13:59:17 MST 2004

To everyone who spends time in #asterisk or #asterisk-bugs or basically 
anything with #asterisk in its name, I want to implore you to please treat 
new users with respect, and act as good representatives of the Asterisk 
community.  Recently I have had more reports of new users being severely 
turned off of the project in general due to the comments, reactions and 
attitudes of a few members of the asterisk channels.

The success of the Asterisk project depends upon users and developers, and 
remember that every one of you, even the most experienced Asterisk users 
were at one point a newbie and needed some hand holding from someone.

Finally, I would also ask that the #asterisk channel in particular please 
stay as focused on Asterisk related topics as possible.



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