[Asterisk-Dev] Authorization header not formatted properly when REGISTER msg is challenged (algorithm=MD5)

Olle E. Johansson oej at edvina.net
Fri Jul 23 05:58:17 MST 2004

Michael Lunsford wrote:

> Thanks everyone. That was fast work. I wish everything was this easy to
> get resolved. I'm sure I'll be posting something again soon ... With
> this patch put in, I can now register but the Cisco switch complains of
> a bad hash when the Asterisk sends a response INVITE where the qop
> parameter is required. I need to look through the source and see what is
> actually being hashed in the Asterisk. I have verified the user/name and
> password valid but for some reason it's not returning the right hash.
The QOP support in Asterisk is a, well, put nicely, a hack.

If this is the problem, open an error report.


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