[Asterisk-Dev] UK Caller ID patch and new CVS

Richard Lyman pchammer at dynx.net
Thu Jul 22 11:48:37 MST 2004

Tilghman Lesher wrote:
> On Thursday 22 July 2004 11:25, matt.riddell at sineapps.com wrote:
>>It's still pretty crap that we all bought X100P cards that Digium
>>must have known would not work in our market, only to be told that we
>>will have to buy new cards, and that the old ones are only usefull as
> "Must have known"?  Considering that every country seems to have its
> own standard for telephone service, it's a pretty broad statement to
> suggest that Digium could have or should have known how CallerID worked
> in the UK when they designed the X100P, much less when they began to get
> demand for the cards in multiple foreign countries.
> Besides, your X100P isn't losing functionality.  You'll simply have the same
> problems that you always have had.
not to mention they still work in OTHER regions, so the 
'paperweight' statement is total BS.

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