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Kevin Walsh kevin at cursor.biz
Thu Jul 22 00:18:40 MST 2004

asterisk at packtpub.com wrote:
> The other misleading aspect of Bruce Lawson's articles is the attempt to
> treat Packt and David Maclean as one and the same. David Maclean is the MD
> of Packt, but he is not Packt. Packt consists of people who used to work
> for Wrox, so they are people who lost their jobs, salaries, bonuses, and
> other benefits like the rest of the staff of PI. In fact, the losses of
> each one at Packt was probably a lot more than what each of most authors
> lost. 
Perhaps that explains why the company was reportedly $3M in debt.

Reading this thread as an outsider, I see it like this:

If a VoIP company suddenly went bankrupt with a massive debt then
it's possible that some/all of the customers could lose their prepaid
balance.  If, a couple of months later, the same management team
started up an identical company, with a lot of the old staff, they
should not be surprised at the hostile response they'll receive if
they contact their old customers to pitch for their business.

This all seems to be a case of "trust us - we know you lost money, but
you probably won't this time - honest."

I could be wrong, but this seems to me as if the old company went
bankrupt simply to avoid having to pay off the massive debt it had
managed to run up;  It probably expected to be able to simply shut down
the company and then start a new one with the same management, staff,
authors and a clean slate.  If someone advised the management team that
that trick would be easy to pull off then they were sadly misinformed.

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