[Asterisk-Dev] Programming

John Warren jcw at vocal-net.net
Fri Jul 16 19:20:19 MST 2004

I would like my customers to be able to self administer their virtual
(asterisk) PBX through a Web interface (GUI). Additionally it would be nice
to provision the PBX utilizing IVR , including call forward, auto attendant
creation and changes, voicemail, follow me roaming, our objective is to
develop a intuitive user interface's either Web or IVR enabling our business
customers to manage basic PBX functionality remotely. I would also like the
ability to have a graphical display on our customers PC that would display
who is on the phone, who's calling, how many people in the queue and hold
times.  I'm interested in talking to any company that has already written
those applications or has the fundamental knowledge to write those
applications.  Please contact John Warren, president of Vocalnet @



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