[Asterisk-Dev] Request for comments on CTI integration

alspachfam at alspachnet.com alspachfam at charter.net
Wed Jul 14 12:57:42 MST 2004

I have not seen the Flash Operator Panel but, this also sounds like a 
nice fit for Jabber.  Jabber is extencible and already handles 
authentication, notification, subscriptioon, etc... 'All' you would need 
would be a custom client to display what you want and a back end 
(something along the lines of the op_server.pl) to grab the info and 
feed it to Jabber.

Just another thought to muddy the waters ;-)

James Alspach

> The client would register with the server for
> authentication and then subscribe to a number of possible
> notification events like
> - incoming call from caller ID
> - outgoing call to caller ID
> - diverted from other extension
> - diverted to other extension
> - transferred incoming from other extension
> - transferred to other extension
> - pickup, hangup and timeout

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