[Asterisk-Dev] Multiple IP's For sip.

Shannon Mitchell shannonm at merlintechs.com
Wed Jul 14 10:54:33 MST 2004

I'm not sure if this will help, but one easy fix would be to add another
ip to the first card(multi-homing) instead of using the another card for
the second ip. 

On Mon, 2004-07-12 at 12:17, Alberto Fernandez wrote:
> Asterisk,
> 	When bound to more than one ip address sip doesn't work correctly, If
> the phone is not behind Nat, I'm not a developer but somehow i figured
> out why. I opened ethereal on the clients (X-Lite) Ethernet, since i saw
> that the sip debug in asterisk showed that it was receiving the invite,
> and attempting to answer to it. Now what i discovered was this. Lets say
> the asterisk box has 2 Ethernet and that they have 2 ips. Ethernet 1 has
> ip 1 and Ethernet 2 has ip 2 (I'm Not TOO creative :-P) If i tell a
> phone to connect to ip 2, asterisk receives the invite and replay's
> using Ethernet 1. Now the phone receives the answer trough IP 1. and it
> doesn't register. Is there a way to tell asterisk to answer the requests
> trough the ip it received them, i think this would fix this problem. I
> saw a bug about something similar to this long time ago but no1 did
> anything about it. Or it was for IAX, not sure.
> Good Day.
> Alberto Fernandez
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