[Asterisk-Dev] Asterisk crashing with no indication why.

Daniel Daley dan at chameleoncode.jp
Mon Jul 12 12:05:59 MST 2004

I'm hoping someone might have seen this before because I'm just about 
at a loss of what to do.  I have an asterisk system setup in a call 
center environment with multiple queues. After a random uptime asterisk 
will suddenly come to a partial halt where I can connect to the cli but 
issuing a command such as show channels gives no response, and calls 
cannot be made in or out. Calls in progress usually drop as well, but 
if they don't right away, after a minute or so they will. To remedy the 
problem I have to do a restart on asterisk, which of course makes all 
the agents have to login again and is just a big mess.

I have agents being dynamically added to the queues via an AGI script, 
also the agents are added to all queues so that they can take calls 
from any of them. I'm not sure if this is important but since I use the 
AgentCallbackLogin function I have all the agents inside their own 
context so that I can use a macro to determine if they are on an 
outgoing call (using app_checkgroup) before ringing them to prevent 
call waiting tones.

I've thoroughly searched the messages log, in which I have both verbose 
and debug logging enabled. I've never found anything to indicate a 
problem, it simply looks like calls just slow down and stop. One other 
thing that may be important, I have a daemon running which stays 
connected to the manager api listening for events and sending off two 
commands every 10 seconds, one to get the status of the queues, and one 
to get the status of agents. My cvs version is 
CVS-HEAD-06/24/04-06:49:37. I've looked through all the latest cvs 
updates and bug reports and don't see anything that would be related. 
Has anyone seen this before, can anyone suggest anything I might try? 
With both being unable to reproduce this at will and the lack of 
messages or log entries pointing to the problem I'm pretty much up 
against a wall.

Thank you for any help anyone can offer,

--Daniel Daley--
dan at chameleoncode.jp

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