[Asterisk-Dev] [OT] #asterisk on irc.freenode.net

wasim at convergence.com.pk wasim at convergence.com.pk
Mon Jul 12 02:33:09 MST 2004

1) similar to how you need to sub to these lists before posting
2) the channel had a hundred million signon-signoffs by spam bots
3) so the powers that be (no bkw_, don't gloat now :P) decided, righthly, 
imho, to have a nick identified before it got on #asterisk
4) yes, its a pain initially, but put up a script that does it for ya

- wasim, who doesnt even want to know what his 2p (paisas) would get in 
this day and age --- daadi used to say you could buy an entire cow for 
that amount in her day, but then dad also used to walk 10 miles to school, 
uphill, both ways ...

 On Mon, 12 Jul 2004 timecop at pbx.mine.nu wrote:

> what the heck is going on?
> 515 #asterisk  You need to be identified to join that channel
> why should an asterisk user be bothered by such crap as signing up
> with some (huh?) irc server just to talk to other asterisk users?
> Whoever set this, please remove this nonsense. I used to idle in the
> channel for months, and this has never been a problem.
>  - concerned #asterisk idler

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