[Asterisk-Dev] Fax support?

Steve Underwood steveu at coppice.org
Sat Jul 10 10:42:19 MST 2004

Bruce Ferrell wrote:

> Good thing I don't give into knee jreck reactions... Too often.
> T.38 really is a type of codec isn't it.  Odd that I'd never looked at 
> it that way.

Yes and no. The audio-to-data part is structurally little different from 
any voice compression codec. T.38 includes UDP and TCP wire protocols, 
though. These do not fit the model of a codec. I think T.38 supports 
needs to be in 2 parts - a codec and a channel. This should be good for 
the future, since a variant using RTP has been proposed. That would 
allow the T.38 codec part to work with the normal RTP stuff in * later on.


> Thanks  JerJer
> Jeremy McNamara wrote:
>> Leo D'Angelo wrote:
>>> Hi Steve,
>>> Thanks for the response.  I agree with your assessment that t.38 
>>> should be a
>>> codec not a channel.  I was actually thinking of simply adding it as 
>>> a codec
>>> to the openh323 channel already provided with *...
>>> I don't know enough about the structure of * (yet) to figure out how 
>>> a sip
>>> request for a t.38 codec would work if I implemented t.38 as part of 
>>> the
>>> h.323 channel...  Any advice?  Maybe it really needs to be a separate
>>> codec...
>> It wouldn't.  Implement it as a separate codec in asterisk.
>> Jeremy McNamara

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