[Asterisk-Dev] Fax support?

Aaron J. Angel aaron at angel-family.com
Fri Jul 9 18:01:01 MST 2004

Leo D'Angelo wrote:
> I did notice that spandsp was implemented as an application.  I *think* that
> a T.38 implementation should be implemented as a channel (to provide
> interoperability with cisco routers, etc...)  Anyone agree or disagree with
> this approach?

The problem with that is that channels are for...well, channels.  Are 
you planning on sending incoming fax calls to a new type of 

If you're going to use digium or similar hardware, or even a VoIP 
connection, I find it hard to fathom creating a channel for an 
independent protocol sitting on top of another channel.  I suppose you 
could write a channel driver and Dial() it, but then you might as well 
write an Asterisk app.

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