[Asterisk-Dev] CVS problems?

Andrew Yager andrew at rwts.com.au
Wed Jul 7 18:05:25 MST 2004

So I'm not sure where it's best to direct this question - but my 
machines aren't pulling the latest CVS changes. I haven't got any 
changes since the last modifications to iax2-provision.c

Up till this day I've been using "cvs checkout asterisk" to pull the 
latest versions, and haven't had a problem. Is anyone else experiencing 
this problem? Does anyone have any possible solutions?

I've tried deleting the asterisk source directory and pulling a brand 
new one, but this didn't make any difference - I still don't have the 
changes to app_voicemail.c, app_dial.c, chan_sip.c, iax2-provision.c or 
README.message-expire that have been committed over the last 36 hours.

Thanks in advance,

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