[Asterisk-Dev] MeetMe Improvement

Marc Olivier Chouinard mochouinard at m0c.com
Tue Jul 6 19:27:04 MST 2004

Look people, this is trivial in my view.  There is both option available
rightnow. X100P is a good timing device or get the TDM400 card or a T1 card
from digium, there is a software one separate good people who want to use it
use it, but I think we should stick to the hardware version.  I don't know
much about PRI, but having a clock software with PRI card, if timing of the
PC start to fail, Im sure if * is base on that one everything will start to
failed.  Im sure Mark and the people at Digium just didn't made the hardware
Zaptel timing requirement by default for nothing or having to buy their
hardware, because it was the most reliable solution for everyone. RTC work
but aint perfect, better rely on hardware. I started at first I tried the
zaprtc and I was disappointed of * result. Not zaprtc but asterisk itself
because it was the software itself that caused the problem, even if it was
just because I didn't have the right equipement.

Paying 100$ ( and less 88$ for a TDM400 board I think) for the reliability
of Digium hardware aint bad, than trying software mode and to understand why
for week conference and music on hold doesn't sound right and bug everyone
about it and say that asterisk is a bad product because people based
themselves on a RTC that could never replace the hardware equivalent.

Let argue more on how we should developpe this new conference system
instead, we got a lot more work on that matter than just decide about having
a software zaptel timing device.

Like I said, we have to understand that Asterisk is a Digium product, even
if it GPL, it still a product that need to show it best to business and new
user so it dones't think it just doesn't sound good.  Also Digium offer
support on that, and if this is made as a basic option (that will never
really work correctly) when it hard to support).

I would have ratter wrote code or talk about how to deal and manage people
to check how we should proceed on it.

So I think we can stick to : We need a hardware timing device that aint base
on the unreliable RTC.  If someone want to make a cheap schema of a PCI
board that can just do timing great, but I don't think we should spend more
time on something that might never work correctly.

Sorry for my bad English, Im Canadian hehe, but I think, let just move on,
How should we start on a better app_conference ?

Marc Olivier Chouinard

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Richard Neese wrote:

> the answer is  rtc and zaprtc should be put right into *
> we need real time timing...

Zaprtc does not play nice with SMP based systems.

Jeremy McNamara
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