[Asterisk-Dev] MeetMe Improvement

Alberto Fernandez asterisk at xynergia.net
Tue Jul 6 16:05:48 MST 2004

I respect digium, and i did buy hardware from them. I do apreciate the
major sponsorship that they have with the project, and i would donate
money because of the tremendous job they did. However asterisk is
opensource, and i think that a lot of people have contribute to it (SUCH
AS YOURSELFT with h323) so if someone belives that they have no need to
use of an card. by all means write or enhance meetme.

Just a though

On Tue, 2004-07-06 at 18:34, Jeremy McNamara wrote:
> Stephen Rosebush wrote:
> > I would agree with the need of having MeetMe timer requirements built 
> > into the Asterisk distribution. It would save the hastle for people like 
> > myself who run a software-only PBX with no FXO/FXS devices to deal with 
> > and still have the conferencing option without needing to download a 
> > seperate library and go through the hastle of getting it compiled.
> > 
> > Maybe a more scaled-down version of Asterisk would be something to 
> > consider, like a default distribution set geared towards the operation 
> > of the PBX on IP based networks rather than having a bunch of useless 
> > modules compiled and in place for hardware devices I don't see myself 
> > using.
> > 
> Simply call Digium (877-Linux-Me) for an X100P, after all they GAVE US 
> Asterisk for nothing, then noload what you don't want in modules.conf.
> Problem solved.
> Jeremy McNamara
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