[Asterisk-Dev] Half installed on Sparc: Drivers for FXO card refusing to install.

dking at pimpsoft.com dking at pimpsoft.com
Mon Jul 5 16:40:55 MST 2004

My problem it seems may be Kernel Based. So I am trying to get a good 
one compiled right now with all the support Asterisk needs. After I 
make the correct .deb where should I upload it in case others need 

I noticed the formatting was off for the includes as well, ugly but 
once I get these drivers installed it will work, then I may the 
motivation I need to help by fixing the issues I was having.

If '-mcpu' was used instead of '-march' it would take care of most of 
the make file problems I was having as well as update the current 
Makefile system to be more portable.

I don't have the option of using a external gateway as I understand 
it; As I said I'm still ignorant on a number of key points; I have 
allot to learn but that is half the fun after all.

So how does one get write access to the cvs anyway? I’m going to need 
a way to submit my changes if I get that far.

 - Belgarath

On 5 Jul 2004 at 10:56, Bob Knight wrote:
> Use an external gateway and you should be ready to go.
> I use mediatrix 1204's and now that I have them almost working with
> mbrowse, I no longer meed a damn windows box to configure them.
> I think I am crazier than you.  Over a year ago I managed to build
> it on a ultra 5 sprac running solaris.  I went back and tried it a few
> months ago and it was just ifdef hell.  The code is just sooooo not
> set up for porting.  Way too ugly for me.
> I still think a good solaris port may come in handy some day.
> It would be fun to see just how large an * system you could build on
> a big sun server.  I much prefer tightly coupled architectures over
> loosely coupled.  I know tightly vs loosely is about like arguing
> over abortion, so I won't go into that.
> -- 
> Bob Knight
> [-w] the work option
> bk at minusw.com
> 925-449-9163
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