[Asterisk-Dev] Module unloading

Michael Sandee ms at zeelandnet.nl
Mon Jul 5 03:14:26 MST 2004

Hi Rich,

I do not have any code to contribute, and if I have I do not want to 
disclaim it... (but that is a different discussion)

The point is, that module authors should be aware of this fact, and I 
can imagine that all module authors read this list. Most don't follow 
the bugtracker... What Asterisk core developers do with this? I cannot 
care less basicly... It works the way it is with the patch for proper 
atexit handling I made...

According to Paul it is a planned feature, to make it right in version 
So I am not going to clutter the bugtracker with this and have another 
place to monitor for replies... no thanks. Since noone seems to get the 
point I was making...

I wrote the information I had down, and you can use it or not... I do 
not care. People who understood the problem were happy I found out, the 
others will keep discussing it instead of fixing the problem...


Rich Adamson wrote:

>>I still don't see how this is a sollution which can be used by module 
>>developers in short term... This is the whole point of the problem... 
>>ofcourse it can be fixed in the core... but that doesn't help anyone at 
>>this point, it will also need good testing, some icky stuff will happen. 
>>However it's a good thing that it will be fixed in the future...
>>Other than that you are pushing this into a discussion between atexit() 
>>or unload_module()... which it isn't... I am pointing out that the 
>>"documentation" is incorrect regarding the current implementation. Which 
>>is *very* annoying for module developers. All I wanted to do is raise 
>>some attention on this subject so that we could see if it could be fixed 
>>in the long term... and propose a short term sollution to module 
>>developers (which already exists in existing * installations, in 
>>contrary to your sollution).
>I'm not a developer, but this list/system is highly oriented around
>placing your thoughts/code in the bug tracker even if its relatively
>simple text changes. If the text is reasonable, someone will move it
>into cvs sooner or later. So, open a bug and others can add comments
>to it.
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