[Asterisk-Dev] channel driver sample - Coding/Transcoding/Conferences

Adam Hart adam at teragen.com.au
Sun Jul 4 17:49:04 MST 2004

Steve Underwood wrote:

  > The xbox2 will also be obsolete within a year. That's called progress.
> It won't be a year from now, though, as it doesn't even exist yet. By 
> the time it comes to market everything else will be faster, and it won't 
> look so hot. If I base today's DSP board on TI's chips planned for 2 
> years time, it will also appear to have a better cost/performance ratio. 
> :-) People don't want a pile of xbox2s to run a telco. They want neat, 
> compact, manageable systems. Packaging is important. One disadvantage of 
> a DSP card separate from am E1 card is you can't get 2 PCI cards in a 1U 
> rackmount.
> Regards,
> Steve

I say obsolete as we'll reach a point where CPUs will provide the needed 
grunt. If the Xbox2 has this grunt, obviously IBM are planning similar 
CPUs for non-xbox systems (eg Mac). I actually find the idea of many low 
cost systems (xbox2) where I can plug and play identical nodes to scale. 
There's no unknowns, I know it's performance and it will work straight 
away. Hell stick 4 of them in a 3 RU case for looks

TI's chips aren't that impressive at their price, espically if I require 
a seperate DSP card. A combined E1 card is different, an E1 card 
delivering a G.729 stream would rock.

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