[Asterisk-Dev] I wanna kill FWD.... GRRR!!!

brian brian at bkw.org
Sun Jul 4 10:08:35 MST 2004

I'm a bit on the pissed off side right now.

If you call Free World Dialup conf bridge.. "514" is the FWD number.

Ok last night I was trying to talk to a few people in the conf bridge
because they msged me saying they were there.  Ok I call it says "Please
Hold"  then says "All circuits are busy"... Ok fair.  I call like 25 times.
Well needless to say FWD side must not be paying attention or something
because it keeps streaming media at me.  I have been taking over 1.2mbit of
bullshit from FWD's network since midnight CST.  The funny part is this
isn't the first time FWD has done this to me.

Jeff Pulver if you are paying attention to this list PLEASE work with us to
find and fix this issue.  Its most irritating.


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