[Asterisk-Dev] Module unloading

Michael Sandee ms at zeelandnet.nl
Sun Jul 4 07:02:55 MST 2004

Hi Paul,

I am not sure what you are trying to say here... I think it is quite a 
funny post at it...

1) Asterisk 1.2 could be years away... planned fixes don't fix my problem.
2) You can fix it at Asterisk's core... you think... but this might 
(will) break modules, and you get a *lot* higher chance of lockups. I 
think it is why it isn't implemented yet. Which is ok...
3) I offered a perfectly good sollution which *exists*. 
(res_musiconhold.so uses it)
4) I wasn't going to argue about Asterisk not doing what it is supposed 
to do...(Unload modules at exit)... I just want to say ... fix the 
comments so module coders don't get tricked into the same thing.

Several people actually already told me they had it wrong in their 
modules, apart from me... so that means something is wrong.


Paul Cadach wrote:

>Michael Sandee wrote:
>>When writing a module which does some magic on unload_module() I ran
>>into some trouble...
>>In contrary to what include/asterisk/module.h says, unload_module() does
>>not get called during exit, only when unload is called from the CLI.
>Module unloading at exit is easy fixable at Asterisk's "kernel". No additional work is required at modules level. As I
>remeber cleanup of unloading process is planned for 1.2 version.
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