[Asterisk-Dev] sip from asterisk uses a non-negotiated codec

Brian K. West brian at bkw.org
Fri Jul 2 19:13:42 MST 2004

don't allow GSM, this is a known issue.


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Subject: [Asterisk-Dev] sip from asterisk uses a non-negotiated codec

> Observed on this morning's CVS-HEAD.  If I enable all the working
> codecs in sip.conf's general section as such:
> disallow=all
> allow=gsm
> allow=ulaw
> allow=alaw
> allow=adpcm
> allow=g726
> allow=ilbc
> ;; allow=lpc10  (robotman)
> And then call do a triangle call from BT100 phone#1 on FWD to asterisk
> to BT100 phone#2 I see asterisk using GSM encoding.  This is even
> though the phone never mentioned that it understood GSM.
> Amazingly the BT100 is able to do *something* with the GSM audio
> stream, but the quality is very poor and scratchy.  Shouldn't asterisk
> be taking the union of the phone's codec's and it's own?  Strangely
> "sip channel show" shows ulaw for both sip channels.  The input from
> the phones is ulaw, it is just the output from asterisk that is gsm.
> Has anyone else noticed this problem with their asterisk?  
> I don't think the FWD leg is significant, but I don't want to wear of
> the phone's flash by bouncing it back and forth to often.
> -wolfgang
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