[Asterisk-Dev] proposal for channel driver

Dr. Rich Murphey Rich at WhiteOakLabs.com
Fri Jul 2 07:12:45 MST 2004

> > e. add on aes for security ?
> This could be added to IAX2. However, it will add significant 
> latency if you wish to be able to cope with dropped packets 
> vaguely elegantly. AES is a stream cipher. If you miss a 
> chunk, it will invalidate the rest of the decrypt. Of course, 
> you can encrypt each packet individually (not the audio 
> stream itself) but that would seriously weaken the 
> encryption. This is relative - it'd probably good enough anyway. :)

The SRTP standard was been mentioned here recently:


Even if you don't want to use RTP, one can borrow the ciphers, etc.


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