[Asterisk-Dev] unreliable handling of rfc2833 events [Was: Re: Asterisk Dev wanted for quick job]

Phil Doroff phil at reflected.net
Fri Jan 30 14:46:37 MST 2004

> The packet traces on Phil's box showed a similar pattern except that
> the marker packets were not duplicated and the three end packets all
> had the same sequence number.  The packets also arrived out of order.

One quick note.  The packets being out of order MAY be due to them going
through a Juniper M160 somewhere in the path between myself and the asterisk
box.  I know for a fact there are at least two M160's in this route, one of
which we directly connect to.  As some folks may know, M160's do some form
of packet reordering which one of my colleagues believes is adding to this
issue w/ his phone setup on a different asterisk box.  (totally unrelated to
mine/my network in any way whatsoever)

The problem seems hit so entirely random there is no consistency to it.
Some phones work fine on this asterisk machine, and are further away in
hopcount/rtt than I am.  We also have a phone directly connected to our
network via a t1, that also shows this problem.  Previously it was thought
it was caused by some form of rtt/jitter issue.

Many folks are seeing this exact same behavior, so it is a widespread
problem that appears there is no publicly available fix for.  Others have
fixed it by using inband and turning oob off, but that doesn't work in my
case and also doesn't fix the real root cause either way.

Thanks much for all your help!


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