[Asterisk-Dev] Dial on PRI Failing to return correctly

Eric Wieling eric at fnords.org
Thu Jan 29 08:03:52 MST 2004

Bug details:

Basically ${HANGUPCAUSE} is always set to 0 on BUSY, the Dial command
does not go to n+101 on BUSY, it goes to n+1 on BUSY just like it would
if the Dial timed out.

This means that PRI's have no additional progress detection over analog
ports.  And means that you cannot treat a BUSY condition any differently
than a NO ANSWER or an ANSWER condition.

Go to http://www.digium.com/index.php?menu=documentation and look at
the "Unofficial Links" section.  This section has links to a wide
variety of 3rd party Asterisk related pages.  My page is the
"Asterisk Resource Pages".

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