[Asterisk-Dev] Perl AGI: get_variable

Muhammad Nasim muhammad at telappliant.com
Thu Jan 29 05:00:09 MST 2004

yeah chomping seemed to solve most of the problem but by that time i'd given
up using verbose unless it was the last line in the script.

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> >I think part of the problem is that when you try and use verbose to print
> >out a variable $temp that has just been populated by, say a
> >$AGI->get_variable,  $temp may contain a \n character. So when you do
> >$AGI->verbose("$temp\n","1" , asterisk gets 2 \n characters which causes
> >some of the trouble. Probably easier to write any debug to a log file.
> ok so thats a fairly easy solution, always use variables you can chomp
> before you print them out through the verbose command
> still, it stopped me using agi->verbose a long time ago. perhaps
> asterisk-perl-0.09 can do this automatically to anything passed to
> duncan
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