[Asterisk-Dev] Running Asterisk on FreeBSD.

Dmitry Mishchenko arkadia at odessa.net
Thu Jan 29 04:00:59 MST 2004


I've got the latest asterisk sources from cvs dated Jan 26 2004. And was 
trying to build it under FreeBSD 4.8
Main part was built fine.

I face problems only while compiling h323 channel.
Its Makefile has hardcoded linux libs (openh323 and pwlib) and some defines.
Also -lpthread was replaced with -pthread and  -ldl with -dl.

So I've got successfully build and installed asterisk.

Now major problems comes:
After starting asterisk it is trying to get all available CPU time.
I'm using standard config files. Turning off modules h323 and oss didn't help.

System looks working, I can dial test extension with SIP from other host and 
navigate "demo".

Any ideas why it takes so much resources?


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